Here to listen.  Here to help.

Do you need support as a parent?

Is your child sad, out of control, or worrisome most of the time?
Is your child struggling with social skills, conduct, or emotions?

Family PsychSolutions, PLLC is a multi-disciplinary group specializing in working with children and adolescents by providing individual and family psychotherapy. Children may come to see us for defiance related issues, learning problems, anxiety, avoidance of school, ADHD, adjustment issues such as grief or divorce, and for trauma.

Is my child too young for therapy?
We typically see children ages three and up. Young children typically respond well to alternate forms of treatment such as play therapy. Play therapy is an interactive, engaging process that allows children to express how they feel. In addition, we work with the parent and “family unit” to improve parenting skills and develop discipline techniques and better ways to assist your child.

Won’t my kid grow out of it?
With age does come better self-awareness, however some problems do not resolve themselves and can get worse without treatment.

Will my child need to be pulled out of school to see you?
We provide after school hours. However, they tend to be the most popular times to schedule an appointment. Appointments are based on availability and a case by case base. Sometimes children need to be removed from school because they are not functioning well in that environment.

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