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Family Psychological Solutions PearlandAssessment involves the administration of questionnaires and other measures to determine an individual’s current level of functioning. It gives therapists clarity on their clinical impressions by an unbiased, objective third party. Testing offers a clinician concrete diagnoses to assist in meeting a patient’s treatment needs. It educates therapists on what problems need to be addressed in treatment and provides them with treatment recommendations. These evaluations may give clinicians an idea into a patient’s strengths and weaknesses.

Assessment can be done at the beginning, middle, or end of treatment in order to determine progress towards one’s goals. Assessment also allows for continuity of care. It can be read by other professionals such as psychiatrists, pediatricians, school counselors, caseworkers, and judges. Different types of assessments can be performed. For example, an evaluation may be conducted in order to determine the presence of learning disabilities or mental retardation to assist with changing a student’s school classes. Pediatricians may ask for an evaluation to determine the presence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to determine if there is a need for medication.

Family PsychSolutions is one of the few agencies that provide such an invaluable service in the Pearland area. We would be able to assess what type of evaluation would suit your needs in order to determine what treatment services would be best for you.

We specialize in evaluations for:

  • Personality
  • PTSD
  • ADHD / ADD
  • Depression and Anxiety Screening
  • Disability
  • Intellectual Functioning