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adhd attention deficit hyperactivity disorderIs your child struggling in school with grades or conduct?

Family PsychSolutions, PLLC consists of social workers, licensed professional counselors, and psychologists that can help diagnose and treat ADHD.  9.5% of children ages 4-17 are diagnosed with ADHD.  Boys are often more affected than girls.  Children with ADHD often have poor boundaries and poor social skills.  They can struggle with impulse control as well.  Without proper treatment, children can struggle with making friends, maintaining friends, and failing in school.  

ADHD can look different in each child.  Psychological testing can help confirm what is suspected ADHD and if your child is on medication we can see whether or not the medication is effective.  Oftentimes, ADHD can look like a behavior problem or learning problem.  In addition, undiagnosed anxiety and depression can mimic concentration problems.       

Does my child need medication or counseling?

Sometimes children have severe ADHD to where it affects their grades and behavior in school and they may need medication.  Other times, problems are low level and behavior therapy may be needed.  Doctors are reluctant to prescribe to young children, typically under the age of six.